Der Doghandler

Our assistance for dog handling.

"The intransigence of Doghandlers leads us to success."

Our doghandler

Again and again so called doghandler you will find on the Tetzner Racing Farm. It's not a job or training - it is a life experience. Its hard to describe with word.


Most of them are young people in time out after school. They want to experience something entirely different. The dogs are the focus. It does not matter whether it is raining or snowing. The weather nothing changes at the daily work with the dogs.


After the first week you feel so exhausted. Maybe you want to capitulate because of the physical effort you feel. But if this point has been overcome, then you can not imagine something better than living with the dogs. The love, affection and joy with dogs is priceless. Anyone who has experienced the fascination of sleddog sports, knows what we mean.


Are you ready to face the task? Are you motivated, eager to learn and are you able to work independently? Do you want to max out your limits? Then we look forward to receiving your application. No previous experience is necessary.


Tasks from doghandler:

  • care for dogs
  • medical accommodation
  • Cleaning
  • water
  • feeding
  • freewheel
  • bike training
  • fall and snow training
  • playing with puppies
  • Competition
  • distribute pats and more

To get an overview of the tasks, take a look at the pictures.

watering in group & they are only allowed start by command


feeding and spread


Fill the morning soup


Joy & fun at work is the most important and
always keep an eye on the dogs


clean the kennels


Is there anything sweeter than Puppies?