Our dogs

The dogs on the farm were bred since 1988 itself.

"When we hear our own breath in silence and only the panting of the dogs, then we achieved a sense of freedom and adventure."

The competitive athletes

We breed exclusively so-called European sled dogs, which originate from different races.


They are not only faster but also more resistant, child-friendly and have no hunting instinct. This allows for a bike ride of up to 20 dogs without a leash. On the Tetzner Racing Farm live dogs of all ages from one year up to 12 years.


For us, the dogs come first, 'cause they are a part of the family. Without dogs, we can no longer imagine a life. The dogs are bred by ourselves and it is particularly important for us that the dogs are only clamped in front of a sled after they receive the age of one year. This is important to protect the tendons and joints. Again and again we have seniors who spend the twilight years with us, but unfortunately we can not keep them all - because some dogs just still want to train with and are sad if it no longer works. That is why we are always looking for a wonderful home for our retiered Athlets after their sleddog carrier. Although we do not only have a dog. Each of them is individual and just most important and valuable to us.