Doreen Tetzner

Doreen is not only a part of the Tetzner Racing Farm - she also has its own sporting success.

"Alone the intention to do it, is the adventure."

Sporty centerpiece

Michael's wife and the centerpiece of Tetzner Racing Farm. The so called backbone of the family what you might not pay with gold.


One unsaleable stroke of luck from the Tetzner Racing Farm. She also has the ambitious desire to operate the sport and to motivate Michael to repeat his great successes again and again. Without Doreen the Tetzner Racing Farm would certainly be closed for a long time.


Her own, most exciting participation was the mass start in Oslo in the 4 dog class. At the World Championships in Hamar 2011, she was in the 6 dog class the best German. Because of this former world champion had to learn her name. The Tetzner Racing Farm hopes that Doreen continues internationally successes and enters the races in Alaska too.


season 2015:

  • Norma Rasmussen Memorial Race 6 dogclass: first Place; 4 dogclass: second place - only six seconds till first place
  • South Central Challenge 6 dogclass: second place
  • Eagle River Classic 6 dogclass: second Place; 4 dogclass: third Place
  • North Pole Championship: fourth Place; in 10 dogclass and 6 dogclass: fourth Place