Michael Tetzner - sportsman with heart and passion

Michael's way on the slide began in the spring of 1987, while visiting a dog sled race in St. Andreasberg.

World Champion Ship and Vita

In Year 1988 he made his first team and drove his first international title with six dogs. After this, the dream was born, to join in front of the European and World Championships. This goal is far from achieved: Before over 30 years, Michael started racing -  seven years as a professional. Since more than 30 years he appears in the sophisticated elite class, run in teams with more than eight dogs against each other. ..more



Success (Excerpt from 350 races)

2015 1. Place in Tok (Triple Crowne Races)

2015 1. Place Eagle River Classic

2015 1. Place Northpole

2014 participation for La Grande Odysee

2012 World Champion

2011 Vice world champion

2010 1. Place Asdra in 8 and open

2010 1. Place Montana Creek Championship in 8 and open

2006 3. Place Alpirace open

2001 2. Place Alpentrail in open

1999 Guiness book world record